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River Forest Schools

Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest, IL faced the challenge of cost-effectively improving lighting in its primary gymnasium. 15 year-old 400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures showed their age by way of dark spots on the floor edges and corners, as well as a greenish glow from lamp color shift. Finally, rising lamp and ballast replacement costs made it clear that it was time for a lighting upgrade.

When the decision to upgrade was made, the 24 gymnasium light fixtures put out half the light required for athletic events/activity. Sven Dahlquist Architecture, a lighting design and consulting firm specializing in schools, researched the project and all available options, and determined the most cost-effective way to improve the gymnasium lighting to be a one-to-one replacement with 24 qty 165W Lumerica LED High Bay light fixtures. After installation the fixtures will reduce electricity demand by approximately 65% while almost doubling the amount of light.

This LED lighting project will save Roosevelt Middle School an estimated $62,500 over the next 12 years in energy and maintenance costs, and will pay for itself in 3.8 years..

*Per US Department of Energy Averages

"I was blown away the first time I walked in the gym after the new lights were installed. I am confident our entire athletic conference will appreciate the new lighting as the once uneven and shadow-filled gymnasium has been transformed into a crisp, clean gym. I am extremely happy and proud to call this our home court and look forward to playing and practicing in the middle of winter when it will be dark outside."

Mark Geweke, Athletic Director

Roosevelt Middle School

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