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Manistee County Transportation Inc.

Manistee County Transportation Inc., a non-profit corporation, operates public transportation services in Manistee County, Michigan. Operating since 1975, it serves an area of approximately 544 square miles. Services to seniors and persons with disabilities comprise a significant part of MCTI’s ridership.

In 2013, MCTI received grant funding to upgrade its lighting, as many fixtures were originally installed when the facility first opened. Mark Bezjian, Maintenance Manager, was tasked with assessing MCTI’s lighting needs and assessing vendors. “It was clear we needed more light, but we also had a budget to work within.” said Mark.

Lumerica engineers partnered with Mark to learn about MCTI’s needs and recommended a range of products, from LED High Bays, Low Bays and Garage fixtures to LED T8/T12 retrofits.

MCTI will use 63% less lighting energy with LED than with the original HID technology. Project payback is projected at less than a year. The dealership will also save more than $2,500 a year in maintenance due to the long life of Lumerica LED light fixtures.

Moreover, Lumerica’s LED Light Fixtures are also completely modular and can be serviced to last another life cycle.

"It's a win/win result for us. When I took my first walk through after installation, it was clear we had better light, and that was exciting. And when we saw our electricity bills go from $4,800 to $3,100 per month, that was remarkable. What's just as impressive is that these products are made right here in Michigan."

Mark Bezjian, Maintenance Manager

Manistee County Transportation, Inc.

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