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Boston BoatWorks

Boston BoatWorks, LLC in Charlestown, Massachusetts is proud to build MJM Yachts, some of the most environmentally-oriented yachts ever made. MJM Yachts will typically consume half the fuel of competitors yachts of the same size while performing as well or better, thus doing their part to preserve the environment for future generations. This commitment to the environment made Boston BoatWorks’ move to Lumerica LED lighting for their new manufacturing facility an easy one.

Just as MJM Yachts halve the fuel consumption of their competitors, Lumerica LED high bay fixtures draw 55% less energy than the fluorescent T5 high bays that were also considered. In just 2.5 years, the higher up front cost for the LED high bays over fluorescents will be made up for in electricity savings, and thereafter, Boston BoatWorks will realize $12,000 in annual electricity savings.

The new Lumerica LED fixtures are also rated to last over 10 years before service is required, again favoring LED over fluorescent products which require more frequent lamp and ballast replacement (Lumerica’s fixtures are completely modular and can be serviced to last additional life cycles). LED light fixtures contain no mercury or CFCs, and recent studies have also shown greater productivity gains after converting facilities to LED lighting.

"We looked at all of our options, and LED lighting was a natural fit. On a percentage basis, the cost savings relative to other light sources are in line with what our products do vs. our competitors. LED is the environmentally-friendly light source, and we are proud to have US made products helping us build high quality yachts in our new facility."

Scott Smith, President

Boston BoatWorks LLC

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