About us

About us

Lumerica develops, assembles, and manufactures LED Light Fixtures and Lamps. Lumerica LED lighting products allow end users to save energy, save money, increase productivity and promote a cleaner environment. LED lights use 50 to 90% less energy, last much longer than traditional light sources, and contain no mercury or CFC’s. From LED parking lot lights and wall packs to high bays and spotlights for various commercial, industrial, municipal and residential applications, Lumerica is America’s LED Lighting Solutions Company.

Our mission

To develop, assemble, manufacture, and sell high quality, cost-effective LED lighting products that allow end users to save energy and money without harming the environment. We will continually improve our products by recruiting and developing talented and passionate employees, building and maintaining relationships with vendors and customers, promoting an entrepreneurial culture, and enjoying the process.

The Lumerica advantage

Light Output

From streetlights to spotlights, Lumerica provides LED products to meet industry specifications, and in many cases can retrofit existing fixtures to match existing light output.

Modular Components

Lumerica fixtures contain modular, readily replaceable components—which means lower operating costs compared to most LED fixtures.

Easy Installation

Lumerica products are designed to be installed like traditional fixtures—using industry-standard mounts and housings. They are also compatible with most industry-standard photocells and motion sensors.

Cost Savings

While LED lighting may not be best for every application, LED lights have quickly become the gold standard for cost-effective lighting. Lumerica has the tools and the experience to help determine which applications are best suited for LED lighting, and has developed high quality, cost-effective products for many of these applications.

Assembled in USA

Lumerica’s roots date back to the year 2000. Years of experience manufacturing LED lighting products enable Lumerica to ensure high quality, long-lasting LED products and provide superior product support.

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