Case studies

Doyle Sailmakers

After 30 years making sails, Al Declercq, President of Doyle Detroit Sailmakers, was growing tired of changing lamps and ballasts to keep his facility running, while at the same time watching his utility bills increase. “So I started doing my homework, and looked into different options.” Al discussed the possibility of replacing his 400W Metal Halide High Bays with LED lights from Lumerica. “Appropriate light is important to us – the right amount of light can not only help us become more productive, it also has a tremendous effect on quality.” Lumerica LED Shop Lights were chosen to replace the exsiting High Bays. By replacing each 400 Watt High Bay with three Lumerica 36W Shop lights, Doyle Sails could have flexibility relative to installation, putting more light over key areas, such as sail cutting and sewing, while still having enough light for layout and finish work.

Installing LED lights also allows Doyle Detroit to save money on utility bills. A 70% reduction in electricity demand for lighting means a 20% to 50% on overall monthly electricity bills, as well as elimination of trips to the lighting supply store. In addition, a more even light pattern combined with the ability to add light in key functions is appreciated by employees, and even customers notice the improvement. ” We’re very happy with our lights” says Al.

*Per US Department of Energy Averages

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