DV-A-STP 110

110 Watts | 15,400 Lumens

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Eliminate warm-up times and the regular maintenance of fluorescent tubes and ballasts with the DV-A-STP series. With optional plug-and-play sensors, easy tool-free rewiring, and linkable configurations, they are the ideal replacement for task lighting applications.

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• Optional Plug-and-Play Daylight & Motion Sensors and Zigbee Mesh Network Control

• Maintenance-Free

• Eliminates Fluorescent Lamp/Ballast Maintenance Costs

• IP66 Rated

• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Lumens: 15,400 Color Temperature: 5000K
Voltage: 110—277 VAC CRI: 80
Watts @ 277 VAC: 110 Lumens per Watt: 140
Beam Angle: 120° Length: 90.6 in.