DP-A-VAL 300

300 Watts | 43,500 Lumens

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Our DP-A-VAL series lights can safely replace mercury vapor, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium light fixtures. They also provide a host of advantages. For a fraction of the operating cost, they are also maintenance-free and safer for the environment. They are the perfect choice for parking lots and other open areas, such as parks, fields, yards, paths, and driveways.

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• Easy Installation

• Toolless Driver Access

• Rotatable Lens

• Variety of Available Mounting Accessories

• 5000K Color Temperature

Lumens: 43,500 Color Temperature: 5000K
Voltage: 110—277 VAC CRI: 75
Watts @ 277 VAC: 300 Lumens per Watt: 145
Beam Angle: TYPE III